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QuestionThe DC animated movies sometimes adapt certain artists style for instance Ed Mcguiness for Public Enemies. I was wondering if there was any chance of seeing something like that with Marvel. I would love to see Skottie Young, Mike Allred, and Humberto Ramos' style adapted for a feature or a series. Answer

We don’t quite have plans along those lines since we don’t do many long form features like that and our ongoing series need to stay visually consistent. We do use different art styles as a way to serve a particular story, though.

See Spider-Verse later in the season as well as our Spidey Christmas episode for examples.

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QuestionI wanna thank the whole Marvel Animation crew for giving the Falcon such a big role in the Avengers show, as it was really neat to show the kids in my family a superhero who looks like them for once. Is there a chance we'll see some other racially diverse heroes in the upcoming seasons of Avengers Assemble, USM, and Agents of Smash? Keep up the good work! Answer

Glad to hear because we love Falcon. He’s a HUGE part of season 2, so let us know what you think as we get deeper into the season.

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QuestionHow come Thor was affected by Gamma energy in "Hulked Out Heroes"? Aren't Asgardians not effected by Earth toxins? Answer

Apparenty they can be under the right circumstances.

Don’t you remember that classic Thor story where he had the mumps? THE MUMPS!!!

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QuestionWhat is the budget for all three shows? Answer

More than you can afford!

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QuestionYes! Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, and the Avengers on Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.? I was hoping to see the Avengers mix up with S.M.A.S.H. I wonder how Hulk will feel? All I need is Daredevil now. Answer

Me too, sister. I am so excited for the Netflix Daredevil series I can barely sleep.

Avengers and Agents of SMASH? Not a bad idea. You’ll like something we have in the works…but it won’t be on either series.

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QuestionDo you ever see Marvel using the Squadron Supreme more in their animated or even cinematic universes? Answer

Yes, I do.

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QuestionLet's say a Guardians of the Galaxy show is in-the-works. Could it possibly replace Ultimate Spider-Man which is currently at it's third season? With 78 episodes and the big Spider-Verse event, what else could be done for USM? Answer

QuestionBesides Jem, who was your favorite Hologram? Answer


QuestionThis isn't really a question, but a thank you for bringing back the Spider-Man letter columns when you became the editor. I never realized how much I liked reading them till you left. Answer

THANKS! As a looong time comic book reader, those pages were always super important to me, so it was always a cool part of the job to be able to continue the tradition.

I do apologize for leaving you with Nick Lowe. It’s like going following a  Springsteen concert with Color Me Badd.

QuestionI don't know who's responsible for the decision, but thanks for changing Iron Man's design. It looks better now, not to mention it now matches the promotional art. On a side note, will we ever meet War Machine (or maybe you decide to go directly with Rhodes being Iron Patriot as in the comics now)? Answer

I don’t know who exactly was responsible, but any design changes run through Eric Radomski, our Senior VP of production and Chris Fondacaro, Executive VP of Creative Services, two very talented guys who do a lot more behind the scenes than people realize.

As for seeing some Rhodey…stay tuned.