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QuestionI would like your opinion as an editor... When a talent sends some work in with the hopes of being hired for the first time --say a published writer not currently working for Marvel--, what is usually the wait period? What would you say is the proper time the talent should allow to go by before checking in? Basically, when does "persistence" turn into "annoyance"? Answer

I would pester an editor every hour!

Actually, given a normal editor’s workload it can be awhile. I’d at least give it a couple weeks between check ins.

And stay patient and upbeat…editors have a LOT to read with new stuff stacking up every day. It’s not often a writer breaks into Marvel simply through submissions in the first place. I’d focus your energy on continuing to get published through smaller venues and getting better so that you;re ready when your opportunity arises. 

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QuestionIf you work at Marvel Animation can you get rid of the crappy shows that have now and bring back the good ones (EMH, Spectacular, Wolverine and the X-Men)? Answer


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QuestionHello, Mr Wacker. Congrats on the new job. Hope you have settled in OK. I was wondering if there have been any discussions about a Deadpool cartoon at all, and, if so, how likely we would be to see it? Thanks! Answer

No discussions about a Deadpool-centric show. Sorry.

Who knows what other plans we might have though….

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QuestionWho will be taking over Superior Spider-man, Hawkeye and Daredevil with you gone? :( Answer

I can’t imagine that any of those will continue to be published. 

(Nick Lowe, Sana, Ellie)

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QuestionWhy are you leaving as Marvel editor? What is your new job exactly? Answer

I left because the time seemed right and the job was new and exiting for me.

I work in animation now doing a lot of the same work i was doing in publishing: working with writers and trying to make the stories on our animated shows as exciting as possible.

In addition, with my new executive responsibilities I get to look at a lot of spreadsheets and flowcharts!

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QuestionNow that you are at Marvel Animation, do you see that idea of Marvel's animated projects follow in the example of Sunrise's Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion or Macross Frontier as far as animation of the highest caliber that takes advantage of presenting characters in a situation that has not appeared together in Marvel Comics in recent times such as Spider-Man x The Black Widow working together that is not related to the Avengers Universe? Answer

This is ALL I think about!

QuestionHello there, Mr. Stephen Wacker. I am sending you this message to congratulate you for all the work in the bullpen these last years. I also wanted to wish you good luck in your current endeavor at Marvel Animation. I'm positive you will keep making what's good get better. Cheers -HEK Answer

Thanks. Nice of you to say.

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QuestionDid you ever get a page by an artist that had all the background characters look the same? Like all the people on the street looked like Stan Lee sort of thing. Answer

I cannot remember anything like that, no.

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QuestionDoes marvel have any plans involving Jack of Hearts? Answer

Other than next year’s Jack of Hearts based year-long, cross media event, I can’t think of any.

JOH was the guest star of the first issue of Marvel Two-In-One I bought. I really like the character, but you and me may be alone.

QuestionIs it better for unknown writers to send an editor a physical complete book or issue, or send them a digital copy of the book? Answer

Either is fine.

But send rocks to to Tom Brevoort.