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QuestionIf there was a chance to do a more adult-focused marvel animation is there a particular character or story you'd like to see? (New Elektra or Deadly Iron Fist perhaps?) Answer

Elektra: Assassin.

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QuestionAre there any plans to have the Hulk become smarter, like he was in Agents of SMASH, in a future season of Avengers Assemble? Answer

Who’s to say he’s not as smart?

Sometimes we act differently depending on who’s around. For example, I’m brilliant when I’m alone.

QuestionSPIDER-MAN?! Answer


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QuestionNow I know it's probably not a good idea to "back-seat question", but please, don't get rid of Flacon's Mom or her cookies. It's a very sweet and heartwarming thing, and quite humanizing, too. I love that little trait and was so glad to see it followed up on. It'd be nice to see more personal sides like this. Speaking of, what are a couple of your favorite personal moments and quirks like this from the 3 current Marvel cartoons? I've always liked Peter and Harry's friendship moments from USM. Answer

You can take it up with the mom-hater a few questions back!

I really like the relationship between Red Hulk and Skaar. I could watch a whole series of just those guys getting into trouble…which is, in fact, a plot in season 2!

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QuestionIn Season 2 of Assemble, will we see any new characters who are going to be introduced in the upcoming MCU movies? Answer

You’ll have to ask the movie folks.

QuestionWill we ever see to Spider-Woman in Ultimate Spiderman TV serie? Thanks so much. Answer

No plans.

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QuestionHow come the current Marvel shows don't have full theme songs? Spider-Man has some of the most iconic themes from the 1967 show to the 1994 show. It's strange that Ultimate Spider-Man only has a 5 second jingle. Answer

For the same reason you don’t see theme songs on most shows anymore. It’s a disappearing art.

Part of it is just a matter of time. Even taking a minute cuts out a lot of opportunity for the action and story people are really coming to the Marvel shows to see.

Plus, if we had a theme, you guys and gals would all be complaining to me about it on Tumblr anyway.

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QuestionWill we see more of Laufey and Ymir in future episodes of either three shows? Answer

Yes. But they team up with Falcon’s Mom!

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QuestionCould we possibly see Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Spider-Woman, and Black Widow team up? Bugs, Insects, and Arachnids Assemble! Answer

Cort Lane (Marvel’s VP of Animation Development) and I were just having a conversation kind of along these lines, so who knows.

No plans at the moment though.

QuestionWill Avengers Assemble season 2 have: 1- that annoying widescreen effect with black stripes out of nowhere in action scenes 2- Will the season ends with a different avengers roster than it starts with? 3- Will falcon's mom re-appear(i hope not) 4- will we know the identity of The ant-man from season 1 ? can't wait to see how positively you influecned the show Answer

1-YES! Those stripes test great with kids! In fact, we’re releasing a set of widescreen stripes to play with at home this Christmas. So buy a set for the whole family!

2-Oh yeah…

3-Why do you hate moms? That’s weird.

4-Ant-Man will appear. I can say that much….and we may even meet his MOM!!!!!!