QuestionWhat I meant is why the older Luke Cage and Iron Fist from EMH look different than the Luke Cage and Iron Fist from USM? Answer

Isn’t the answer pretty self evident?

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QuestionHi Mr Wacker, Just a quick note to say that the new USM Web Warriors episodes are the best Marvel Animation post Avengers EMH. Really looking forward to what's coming next for all the different shows :-) Answer

Thanks…hopefully you’ll be able to catch the Marvel Animation panel in San Diego on Saturday with lots of cool news.

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QuestionHow large is your office? If I sent you a St. Bernard would it have ample room to play? This is important. Answer

It’s big enough for a St. Bernard if I wasn’t in it.

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QuestionAre you working on new episodes of Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. or the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy show? Answer

-HULK: AOS Season 2 is currently in production.

-Guardians isn’t even out as a movie yet, so you’re a little ahead of yourself.  We did see them on an episode of Ultimate Spidey earlier in the month, though. 

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Questioncongratulations for the gig. You have no idea how much the animation dept need your storytelling expertise. I have 2 q and a request: q1: how involved were you in ultimate spider-man season 3 q2: how involved are you in Avengers Assemble season 2? and my request: please give us story arcs for avengers season 2. single episode stories suck Answer

1-I was involved as a consultant throughout and have been overlooking the show since I got here.

2-Very involved from about the 2nd half of the season to the end. You’ll see more over the coming weeks.


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QuestionIs the next Heroes United movie going to come out or was that abandoned? Answer

It’s coming. Check out Cup o’ Joe at San Diego Comicon for more news.

QuestionAlso, do you think it would be cool to see an Avengers vs. Surtur movie to tie together both Avenger shows, as well an explanation for how Iron Fist and Luke Cage look different? Answer

I don’t know that the shows need to be tied together, but I like a good animated movie as much as the next studio exec.

And no explanation needed on why Luke and Iron Fist look different beyond the fact that they’re two different people.

It’s the same reason I don’t look like Tom Brevoort.

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QuestionCaptain Kangaroo, or Hotel Balderdash! Answer

Hotel Balderdash. No contest.

QuestionCongrats on your first producer credit on Ultimate Spider-Man. When are the Guardians of the Galaxy going to get their own cartoon? Answer

Thanks though in all honestly I’m being listed on episodes I had little to do with. Cort Lane and Harrison Wilcox deserve most of the credit for USM Season 3.

But as long as I’m taking credit for things…please thank me for all my work inventing the internet, elbow macaroni and the Joe Quesada LMD that as on Colbert last night.

As to your last question, i can’t imagine a world where the GOTG has their own cartoon. Who’s even heard of them? Heck, they don’t even have a movie.

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QuestionCan we please make Captain America the leader in Avengers Assemble? Also isnt it time to get the avengers team bigger? Answer

He is…but don’t tell Tony that.

And if you want more Avengers…then you’re going to like what’s coming up.